Being around a fire with loved ones is an experience many never forget. Our firewood is dried longer than anyone else. It burns easier and lasts longer. This year put your feet up, relax, and enjoy the moment with seasoned firewood from “The Firewood Depot.”

What is Firewood?

Image of firewood. Source: Dejan Zakic, Unsplash

Firewood is split into two categories: hardwoods and softwoods. Hardwoods burn more slowly and generate more heat than softwoods because they have less energy (carbon) per volume. However, when comparing weight instead of volume, the amount of energy is the same for all hardwoods and softwoods; what mostly determines how much energy firewood has is its moisture content. The drier the wood, the less water it contains, meaning there’s more available energy to be used for heating or cooking.

Firewood is a sustainable resource, meaning that you won’t have to rely on energy companies or be affected by power outages during storms. You’ll stay warm and safe in the event of a blackout. Additionally, firewood is much more cost-effective than other fuel sources like electric heat, gas heat, and oil (Research Institute of Sustainable Energy). Not only does burning wood save you money, but it also creates ambiance and radiant heat, unlike any other source!

When you buy firewood from your neighborhood, you’re helping out regional businesses. Furthermore, wood processed and burned as stove fuel is Carbon dioxide emission-free; in other words, it doesn’t increase greenhouse gases or contribute to global warming as some people think. In fact, if we let firewood rot on the ground in forested areas releases the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as burning it does!

Image of a fireplace with some firewood near it. Source: Ostap Senyuk, Unsplash

How long does the wood need to be set before burning?


It usually takes anywhere from 3 to 12 months to season firewood. On average, it dries out in about 6 months, but this largely depends on the moisture content of the wood when you first bought it.

At The Firewood Depot, we take the extra steps to season our woods. That way, you can have a great experience using it for warmth or cooking.

A few suggestions on how to tell if your wood is ready to burn:


Color Test

The wood’s moisture content dominates its color. When you first stack the wood, make a note of its color. After it has seasoned for a few months, the original color will lighten to hues of tan and/or gray.

Smack Test

Wood that is high in moisture will make a thudding noise if you hit two pieces together. If the wood is dry, it will make more of a solid, cracking sound. Give it a try!

Bark Test

If the cordwood is dry and doesn’t contain any moisture, The bark will start falling off. This means that the wood is drying as it should be.

Wood that passes these tests is generally easier to start, burns cleaner, and produces more heat for warmer fires. It also reduces creosote build-up in the chimney.

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