Whether you’re a professional restaurant chef or looking to make a restaurant-quality pizza, you can trust "THE FIREWOOD DEPOT"

Double Split 'Pizza Cut' Premium Seasoned Firewood

The wood for your pizza oven should be of the highest quality in order to get the best flavor and consistency in your pizzas. Wood-fired pizza tastes better because of the high heat and woodsmoke adds a unique flavor and texture to every pie. 

Image of woods for pizza ovens Houston

If you’re new to pizza ovens, you might think all wood is the same. But even if you have experience with them, you may not know that using the right wood matters for several reasons.

The Firewood Depot only offers ultra-premium wood for your at-home pizza oven because we understand that a perfectly crisp and delicious pie is a simple luxury. Our oak lights easily and burns hotter and longer than any other type of wood, so you can be confident that you’re serving a superior pizza to your guests.

When choosing pizza wood for your oven, remember that the quality of the wood will affect:


The taste of your pizza will heavily depend on the wood you use to cook it. If you choose moldy or musty wood, then those flavors will come through in the final product. However, if you use clean and dry wood, all you’ll taste is the amazing wood-fired flavor that everybody loves in quality pizzas.


Nobody enjoys working hard to get a fire going, only to watch it fizzle out shortly after. It’s much better when you can light a match and have a beautiful fire burning in no time.


If you want to make amazing wood-fired pizza, you need an oven that can get extremely hot. But low-quality wood won’t be able to create the kind of heat required. You need dense and dry wood to get the fire hot enough.


Adding wet wood to a fire will cause the temperature of the flames to drop, making it more difficult to evenly cook a pizza. In fact, this can often result in an undercooked or burnt pizza. Just as you wouldn’t toss a cup of water into your oven at home, don’t add wet wood to a cooking fire.

If you’re looking to improve your pizza-making skills, then know that firewood is a key ingredient. The best way to get delicious, flavorful pizzas is by cooking them in a wood-fired pizza oven with high-quality wood.

 After all, the best pizzas are made with only the finest ingredients.